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Planting Instructions

1. Dig a hole twice the width of root ball or pot In clay areas do not dig more than 2 –3” into the clay .

2. Carefully remove from pot. If burlapped loosen and expose top of root ball. Do not remove burlap

3. Backfill with Bumper Crop Organic Planting Mix . Work in Biotone Starter Plant Food . Soak with Superthrive. Use soilmoist granules in areas that are hard to maintain moisture. Especially important with willow, barberry, potentilla and hydrangea.

4. Cover Bed with 2” of mulch.

5. Followup Spring & Fall with Hollytone, Treetone or Plantone Organic Plant Food Annually

Planting Annuals and Pots

1. Loosen and improve beds by cultivating in Bumper Crop

2. Container planters should have no topsoil, fill with Bumper Crop or MiracleGro Potting mixes

3. Work in soilmoist granules to reduce watering.

Fertilize with Flowertone followup with Garden Elements Bud & Bloom every 2 weeks for best results

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